WORLD VICTORY GAMES BLOG -- TO ORGANIZE USA'S BEST EVER OLYMPIC GAMES IN L.A., DETROIT ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR OLYMPIC GAMES URGES USA LEADERS TO MEET THREE (3) CRITICAL UNMET NEEDS IN AN OLYMPIC-CALIBER GRAND INTERNATIONAL BARGAIN: A) Preserve as a nature momument the natural rock PALISADES at the Southern border; B) Capitalize fenced open-gated PALISADES emulating the storied New York and Pacific PALISADES splendor; and c) Qualify the millions of previously undocumented immigrant U.S. residents for supervised self-help rapid U.S.-Canada boundary water lawful boat cruise re-entries lasting minutes without stepping on foreign soil to potentially qualify for possible work or training permits to help welcome the youth of the world to LA 2028 -- and the IOC on a 2029 Detroit/USA Candidate City bid for the 2040 Olympics with mixed Olympic-Paralympic motorsports with the perennial 1,000,000 Woodward Dream Cruise day guests to cheer on all athlete Pace Cars on the storied 35-mile circuit -- a thrilling Olympic-Paralympic Victory Lap Paragon.


ARCHIVE (2015-2016)

Home to the 4th largest business technology hub in the United States, as well as the largest upscale mall between New York and Chicago - Somerset Collection - Metro Detroit's City of Troy was ranked one of the top ten (10) family-friendly cities in the USA.  More than 80 languages are spoken here. The city is the most populous city in Oakland County. Oakland County has more than 1,000 lakes and borders Wayne County with its world class airport and its world class sports venues. One of the first NFL Super Bowls hosted in a domed facility was hosted in Oakland County, which was also home to the world's first indoor World Cup soccer tournaments in Pontiac, the Oakland County seat of government.


Each year, Metro Detroit hosts academic dignitaries and elite athletes from around the world. Below is a tour description narrative with several amazing facts. The tour is modeled on one offered Fulbright scholars and fellows from Europe, Latin America, and Africa, by a host family that represented on the Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee. Did you know that the Atlanta 1996 Olympics Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games was founded by eight (8) Georgia families and Ambassador Mayor Andrew Young? Ambassador (Mayor) Andrew Young said in 2012, "Detroit would be a "great city to host the Olympics." The Olympics pay for themselves in the USA if you know how the money flows, he added. It took a 30 minute phone call for him to explain that to a Michigan Fulbright to the United Kingdom in 2012 who co-founded the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games known as the Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee in 2013.

* * *

The Troy Skywalk / Detroit Monorail Circle Tour begins with a walking tour from the home of the President of Somerset North sub through a pedestrian walkway to the Macy's entrance of Somerset Collection. The Somerset mall's 200 upscale stores are accented by atriums, five (5) fountains and great restaurants linked by the moving Skywalk over the Korean War Veterans Memorial Parkway, also known as Big Beaver Road.  From Somerset, you continue past the monumental Bank of America fountain by car. If you depart from the moving Skywalk in Troy's Golden Corridor by car for the circle tour, you pass Troy Sports Center and Automation Alley, Detroit's Silicone Valley-type or Silicone Alley-type technology hub. 

You will enter Macomb County via the Veterans parkway, also known as Metropolitan Parkway near the U.S. Army TACOM Command Center. Macomb County includes the sprawling defense corridor, and the General Motors Tech Center. Only one national guard base was capable of intercepting the 9/11 flight that was stopped from returning to the East Coast in September 2001. It dispatched jets from Macomb's Selfridge Air National Guard base but did not need to take out the hijacked plane thanks to the heroism of the plane's passengers over Pennsylvania.  

Sport is pervasive in Metro Detroit. On Metro Parkway in Sterling Heights you pass a church that provides the fields for  1,000 youth soccer players. Macomb County greets sports travelers from around the Nation to boat and fish in the international waterway of Lake St. Clair, sometimes referred to as the sixth Great Lake due to its size. The lake was named in honor of Saint Clair who served under the late Saint Francis of Assisi. Macomb's St. Clair Shores has one of the highest percentages of boats per capita in the United States with residential canals near Nautical Mile replacing what would otherwise be easements or alleys in older communities in the USA.

Traveling from Macomb County's Jefferson Avenue and Nautical Mile area into Wayne County, one passes the gate house of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House on Lake St. Clair. The gate house is larger than many homes. Continuing along one of the Nation's most beautiful residential roads, Lake Shore Drive in Grosse Pointe views of Canada appear across the water on the horizon as one enters the Coastal Business District. As one passes multi-million dollar waterfront mansions, you pass to Detroit. Jefferson Ave. modern FiatChrysler plant manufactures Jeeps on the right near major Detroit Water Department facilities that provide water to more than 4 million people daily. Detroit's Gabrielle Richard Park graces the entrance to Belle Isle State Park. The world's largest urban island park - three times the size of New York's Central Park - has an eight (8) mile long ring road with a monumental marble fountain with city skyline view of two nations. 

Detroit's world class riverwalk aka promenade east of the MacArthur Bridge ends and materializes again to the west at RiverPlace, home to the first U.S. Patent & Trademark Office established outside of the D.C. area. The riverwalk, where you can also rent a bike, continues uninterrupted for nearly four (4) miles past various marinas and downtown Detroit landmarks.  The Nation's oldest continuously operating boat club is not far from the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle, the world's largest urban island park over 900 acres, which has many playing fields, casino building, zoo and botanical gardens. The riverwalk continues past the vehicle tunnel to Canada to what is believed to be the world's longest international suspension bridge, the Ambassador Bridge.

Your circle tour continues with a ride on a monorail-like train called the Detroit People Mover with a 15-minute circle tour of Downtown. Beneath the western hemisphere's tallest hotel at GM world headquarters, there is winter garden with a plaza overlooking Canada and a plaza engraved with a map of the world with recessed spotlights at automation tech hubs. From Jefferson Avenue, the Q-Line street car takes you up Woodward Avenue past the sports and entertainment District Detroit. In 2015, Detroit was ranked as the second best city for sports fans in the USA after D.C. Little Ceasar's Arena, the world's fifth busiest building opened in 2017 making Detroit the most "walkable" for fans at all major sports venues within walking distance - NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHA. In 2018, a bid for a new MLS franchise was pending. 

After the Q-Line street car stop at New Center, you can walk the pedestrian bridges and a pedestrian subway link the golden topped Fisher Building & Theatre with New Center 1 mall / atrium linked with one of the largest office buildings in the Midwest, Cadillac Place. You can ride from New Center's train station to Chicago or take the Q-Line back to Midtown with a view of the Midwest USA's only branch of the National Institutes of Health, the university with the largest single campus U.S. medical school, and the renowned Detroit Institute of Arts with over 80 galleries. 

If you carry a U.S. passport, you may see the best views of Detroit from Windsor, Canada or from river cruises taking you past the skylines of both countries starting in U.S. waters and circling back through Canadian waters. As long as you don't step on the land in the other country, it's legal. Visitors who carry a U.S. passport can lunch or see a show at Ceasars Windsor - or enjoy one of the storied Detroit theaters.  

The Rest of the Story

There are 10 Michigan counties in Southeast Michigan, which is adjacent to Northwest Ohio's Toledo area that is populated by nearly one million persons and Canada's Essex County area populated by around 500,000 persons.  Thousands of sports travelers come to Detroit from Canada and various U.S. states on a near daily basis depending on the season or the sport or both. 

Athletes come from more than 40 nations each year for the world's only international marathon with an underwater mile at the tunnel of Detroit/Windsor.  The epitome of a local international community, Metro Detroit bid more times to host the Olympics than any other U.S. city in the past 100 years - seven (7) times. The only city chosen 1st runner up in two (2) consecutive International Olympic Committee host city decisions for the 1964 and 1968 Olympics, Detroit's people are happy to live, work and host elite athletes and other dignitaries in our dynamic world of increasingly interdependent communities. 

Michigan is home to the largest sports stadium in America. The third largest stadium in the world is in Ann Arbor, the city where the most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps, trained. In 2015, the nation's top sports city for fans was Washington, D.C. Detroit was ranked 2nd after D.C. The region's Pure Michigan travel campaign  touts the state's 3000 miles of freshwater coastline and 10,000 lakes. Translated into English, the state motto reads, "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you."