WORLD VICTORY GAMES BLOG -- TO ORGANIZE USA'S BEST EVER OLYMPIC GAMES IN L.A., DETROIT ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR OLYMPIC GAMES URGES USA LEADERS TO MEET THREE (3) CRITICAL UNMET NEEDS IN AN OLYMPIC-CALIBER GRAND INTERNATIONAL BARGAIN: A) Preserve as a nature momument the natural rock PALISADES at the Southern border; B) Capitalize fenced open-gated PALISADES emulating the storied New York and Pacific PALISADES splendor; and c) Qualify the millions of previously undocumented immigrant U.S. residents for supervised self-help rapid U.S.-Canada boundary water lawful boat cruise re-entries lasting minutes without stepping on foreign soil to potentially qualify for possible work or training permits to help welcome the youth of the world to LA 2028 -- and the IOC on a 2029 Detroit/USA Candidate City bid for the 2040 Olympics with mixed Olympic-Paralympic motorsports with the perennial 1,000,000 Woodward Dream Cruise day guests to cheer on all athlete Pace Cars on the storied 35-mile circuit -- a thrilling Olympic-Paralympic Victory Lap Paragon.

W O R L D   V I C T O R Y   G A M E S   B L O G


The Detroit / Troy, MI Metropolis is at the heart of the largest 60-million-person Megalopolis in North America, the St. Lawrence Seaway-Great Lakes Megalopolis. Games in the Megalopolis could one day include Olympic motorsports. Click below on the link to an Olympic Candidate City Bid Themes Dossier submitted previously to the U.S. Olympic Committee for the 2024 Games by the Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee.  Congratulations to the successful candidate city for the 2024 Games, Paris, France and the winner of 2028, Los Angeles. And now, future Olympic host cities will be chosen 11 years in advance of the games!

View a 2024 Bid Themes Dossier 

Paris 2024 and LA 2028 will welcome the youth of the world to compete in the sport you love. Let's unite to drive the Olympic Games movements forward into the future. We would hope to see the Games brought to Detroit--said by Ambassador Andrew Young to be "a great city to host the Olympics" when he spoke with one of our DUOOC cofounders. By 2040, the IOC could make Detroit's aspirations come true with the bold innovation of Olympic motorsports, too, which could help define Detroit's place in Olympics history. Michigan's impact on the Olympic movement is notable from Winter Games Figure Skating Olympic Gold Medalists to the storied world record-setting athlete trained in Ann Arbor who won more than 28 Summer Olympic Medals, Swimmer Michael Phelps, as well as the Gold Medal in 1936 won by World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Lewis of Detroit when the city became known as "The City of Champions."  No other city in the USA bid more times to host the Olympics than Detroit. Its long history of Olympic candidate city bids included 2 back-to-back 1st runner up IOC candidate city rankings -- the world only city to do so -- when runner up to Tokyo in 1964 and Mexico City in 1968. 

Thank you for your interest, and congratulations to the governing bodies that work tirelessly with extraordinary athletes from across the globe. Through your adherence to the highest and best traditions in sport worldwide, you are one step closer to victory for yourself and for the local international communities served by the Olympic movement, so inspiring!