TO ORGANIZE USA'S BEST EVER OLYMPIC GAMES IN L.A., DETROIT ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR OLYMPIC GAMES URGES USA LEADERS TO MEET THREE (3) CRITICAL UNMET NEEDS IN A GRAND BORDER BARGAIN: A) Preserve natural rock PALISADES at Southern border; B) Capitalize fenced open-gated PALISADES emulating famed New York and California PALISADES themes, including successful Pacific Palisades L.A. district theme; and c) Qualify up to 18 million undocumented immigrant U.S. residents for supervised self-help rapid U.S.-Canada boundary water lawful boat cruise re-entries lasting minutes without stepping on foreign soil to potentially qualify for work or training permits.

See for One University of the Americas.



1. A noble endeavor, the Team USA Compromise is totally humane and consistent with the Olympic ideals. Olympism is  "a philosophy of life exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will, and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles." 

2. The compromise will protect humanity and human rights. 

3.  To go around a perceived impasse to the issue, the compromise uses more agreeable terminology - palisade(s) - linked with the joy of effort, to prepare for the Olympics, including 4 million immigrants in Greater LA and 8.1 million others who can help the USA through self-help.

4. The joy found in effort opens the door for 12.1 million, lawful, self-help re-entries of unauthorized immigrant residents, via pre-approved U.S.-Canada boundary water cruises, to satisfy a Customs pre-requisite for proper screening. For the first time, the 12.1 million immigrant U.S. residents could help themselves, and communities across America, by traveling, at their own expense and pace, preferably in next five (5) years, to four (4) Northern ports for DHS and university supervised international boundary water boat trips, lasting just minutes, to qualify for proof of a required lawful re-entry. 

5. This bold action will promote hope for Citizens who are ready to rise, realize their dreams, and increase understanding and cooperation across America, including with more than four (4) million immigrants in the LA region present, joining together for the LA 2028 Olympic Games.  

6. If the compromise permits engagement of a woman-owned university, owned principally by U.S-Panama MD Mayra Troya-Nutt, FACOG, the One University of the Americas Star University Management, LLC, will organize new training of the youth of the Americas at three (3) high tech multi-state, private and public micro-campuses - made by students under supervision - in, Michigan and California - offering Fulbright caliber three (3) year accelerated degrees and apprenticeships, with Title I and magnet school students. University I, II, III, etc. will pioneer  Oxbridge-style innovation and fitness training in synergy with the philosophy of Olympism.

7. This will be a victory for the United States and the Olympic movement. 

8. The proposed compromise not only uses natural and other palisades with a proven track record of success at many college campuses and venues, but also offers geographically astute ports to remove a barrier for 18 million USA, adult and child, unauthorized immigrant residents, so they can complete a strictly cruise-based quick U.S. lawful exit and re-entry for Customs. 

9. Open-gated palisades safely welcomed youth of the world to Olympic villages and other places, for world class athletic competition and academic training. 

10. "The Team USA Compromise is a great advancement. For four (4) Northern port of entry cities - and for the 2028 Olympic host city community, that is regarded as the epicenter of the unauthorized immigrant resident community served by the compromise, this innovation will be -- in the words of Winston Churchill -- 'not a seat but a springboard.' - " reproduced verbatim, as stated by Victoria E. Harper and Jasmine R. Harper, sister college athletes of the lineage of the late U.S. Civil War Gen. Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, and Roger Sherman who proposed the Connecticut Compromise to create the bicameral form of the legislative branch of the United States government.


The critical unmet U.S. needs for two types of capital allocations - human capital and palisades capital - are met by the Team USA Compromise that provides an easy solution to the 2018-2019 federal budget funding issue. The compromise simply calls for a bifurcated allocation -- namely, a Southern border palisade capital authorization contemporaneous with a human capital authorization enabling 18 million undocumented immigrant lawful self-help re-entries via quick U.S.-Canada boundary water cruises. Millions who were previously undocumented travelers may be ready and qualified to be vetted by Customs ("Vetting-Ready"), as they disembark from cruises lasting just minutes at 4 U.S. ports. The immigrant residents must pay their own way to their scheduled cruises with communities across the Nation benefitting. Millions of qualified immigrants and Citizens can fully participate together for the first time in welcoming the youth of the world to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and propel America forward on a new trajectory of growth.





An Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) since 2013, the Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee, proposes a way around the perceived federal funding impasse to get to the issue with an unofficial Team USA Compromise. That is, with the joy discovered in an effort to use a) natural and other palisade(s) to meet the critical unmet humane border needs, and b) a vital policy to enable DHS or university caliber partners to make 12.1 million undocumented immigrants Vetting-Ready through a self-help initiative in which they would pay their own way. Vetting-Ready means eligible for Customs screening after a quick self-help boundary water boat ride. The supervised, strictly cruise-based boat trips, including exits and re-entries from ports at Detroit, Niagara Falls, Toledo, and Seattle, would last minutes.   

The self-help resident immigrant initiative, referred to as U.S. Rapid Advanced Program Of Re-Entry (RAPORE) proposed by the organizations signing onto an open letter to U.S. leaders will open the portal for millions of current residents who would otherwise be excluded by Customs. RAPORE fulfills a Customs prerequisite for screening by removing a barrier for the completion of legal and proper vetting for immigrants. For the first time, 12.1 million immigrants who qualify can join the USA in welcoming the youth of the world to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. LA 2028 can be the most successful Olympic Games ever. The Team USA Compromise unites the USA with the Olympic spirit that will ensure a safe passage through – in the words of the Statue of Liberty – β€œthe Golden Door.” 

If the United States authorizes this proposal by a community-based Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, or ideally Oakland County, Michigan, where the Committee is based under new bold leadership, the initiative will serve the public weal with joy in the effort of the federal charge to promote self-determination with care and excellence for countless Citizens and 12.1 million immigrant residents who are potentially eligible. Private resources permitting, the collaborative will extend new training of the youth of the Americas with three (3) public and private multi-state micro-campuses with Fulbright caliber Oxbridge innovation. Students would help to build the high tech hometown micro-campuses. Except for the medical discipline, there would be no minimum age for jointly-enrolled students of Title I and magnet schools enhanced with apprenticeships and instruction on the Olympic ideals to cultivate mind-body balance with inner strength of will and character.